Monday, 16 April 2018

Out of Studio.

I was meant to write a couple of posts before this one, but it is too late - I have run out of time.

So this one it is!

I have escaped the studio until the 27th of April so I apologise that in the meantime I will not be fulfilling any orders! Please feel free to contact me during my time away, I will try to respond but I will be somewhere high up in the Atlas Mountains climbing Mount Toubkal and collecting inspiration, and I'm unlikely to have a mobile signal. Please bear with me and I will answer your request as soon as I return. Have a good couple of weeks!

Monday, 2 April 2018


So I have discovered that I can still paint whilst putting up with rather a large wine induced headache, and seemingly still have inspiration through the throbbing temples. I have no idea where the thought to do this came from, but I suddenly had quite a strong urge to paint a washed out background with the Notre-Dame in Paris painted (well, inked) over the top, so this is what I did!

It seems to hit the spot for me so I consider that a success, even-though it did take quite a long time to produce - headaches certainly dampen your ability to concentrate for long periods of time. That and I kept stopping to eat Easter Eggs which I am sure I am not meant to be doing.

Either way it has been nice to manage to find some time to paint - time has been a bit thin on the ground recently and with a few trips coming up in April, I need to get them out whilst I can! I also have another commission to do before the 24th of April so watch this space...

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Happy Easter!

I have been a bit art distracted recently as my birthday has been coming up. That said, print is being printed, painting was delivered and lots of cake has been eaten!

Seems like a successful few days! Speaking of desserts, I hope you have all managed to make the most of today and eat a chocolate egg or two, or failing that, enjoyed a Sunday Roast. Or, if neither of those things has happened, I still hope you have had a good Sunday! Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Cup of tea anyone?

I am having one of those days today. I am glad I managed some work this morning as I can't even vaguely concentrate this afternoon. I have been in negotiations to sell a painting which has now been successfully sold, and in correspondence with my printer to get something sent to Japan! I also sold a cup yesterday, although that was slightly easier to sort out.

Speaking of cups, I sorted out the ones I am going to have in stock to sell on my website the other day, and ordered in a batch. They look quite good! I can also get any painting printed onto a cup, but these are the ones I have decided to offer to start with.

I thought sorting my website out to the extent that it could go live would be a big thing sorted, but it seems as though there is still rather a lot to do! I am doing a good job of doing something art related each day though, mostly helped by scheduling a weeks worth of Instagram posts and tweets on a Monday but still. Every little helps. I could probably do with setting aside a bit of time twice a week to blog too, but one thing at a time....

Now, for a cup of tea....

Friday, 16 March 2018

Yosemite Falls

I seem to have spent the last couple of days doing lots of art admin but I am not entirely sure I have anything to show for it. That said, I have put my new painting online, offered Carisbrooke Castle up for sale as surprise, surprise, I didn't make it into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. I have also corrected my prices on Fine Art America and broken my blog and fixed it. You will notice the 'Paintings For Sale' page on here has been revamped so that a) the information and titles actually match up with the paintings, and so that b) there are links through from each painting to its relevant page on my website. I have also updated my tax return and my diary, and my artwork tracker. I like days like this, when I feel like I have tidied and filed my life into a much better state. The next stage is to keep an eye on my scheduled posts and to add some purchase options to my Facebook 'Shop' which I accidentally set up the other day.

After saying I haven't anything to show for the last couple of days, maybe I have - as that sounds like some super organising. Time to relax into Friday evening and the weekend I think, but not before I share one of my latest paintings and my current new favourite. It is of Yosemite Falls which I visited on my last trip to California. It was a good painting to do, as, as soon I started it took over from me and painted itself. I like it when this happens as it is usually a much more therapeutic process for me, and presumably why it is still my favourite after two new paintings (normally I like the last thing I painted best).

So look at this! A blog post, tweets and instagram posts scheduled, new paintings online, schedules updated and other things fixed.

I think that means I have earned a glass of Friday night wine. Cheers to the weekend everybody!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

And it's up!

So, two weeks later and the new website is up and running! It is still minus the shop at the moment as that will still take some time for me to sort out, but everything else is working and view-able across all platforms! This also means that I have finally start to tweet and post on Instagram. It all seems rather confusing at the moment, whilst I am trying to get used to everything. I have, however downloaded Hootsuite which is a magical program that lets you schedule posts and post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all at the same time. I haven't linked my Facebook account up to it at the moment as I wanted to get to grips with Instagram and Twitter first, but I may do it later.

So far, I seem to be getting a small reaction on Instagram and not much on Twitter, but as I have only posted 3 things so far, it is still early days. I will be interested to see how they get going!

In the meantime - find me on Twitter @Lauraholart and on Instagram @laurahollogram. Thank you in advance for the follow!

Monday, 26 February 2018

Works in theory....

Today seems to be one of those strange days where everything happens at once. Actually the last couple of days have been like that. After giving everyone a months heads up for possible price increase, I managed to sell 3 paintings, have 1 on hold and a request for a viewing.

I have put the 'Pepper' the dog commission up on Facebook today and now may possibly have an enquiry about whether I paint cats. Do I? I guess I haven't tried. I have also been contacted earlier on today, to feature in a 'Bath Life' 'arts special' magazine (a magazine about Bath the place I hasten to add, although I did have an amazing bath yesterday...). So, all-in-all, it seems like a good few days, or at least a bizarre day today. One of my friends also put me forward to a journalist who is looking to speak to artists who sell their work online, so it will be interesting to see if anything comes of that. At least all these things will help when I fill in my publications/exhibitions section on my website. The only problem at the moment is that the questions for the Bath magazine are actually quite tough. Well, not tough per se, but will require some actual thought about what I do.

Answers on a postcard...

All of these things happening, really does press on the urgency for me to hurry up and get my website up together in a more view-able place, across all platforms. I think it might be time to get all of it serviceable except for the 'print shop' as this is what will take the time, that way I can get it up and running and add the print shop on at a later date....

Works in theory....